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    Thursday, October 16, 2008


    Additional Sources For Destruction of Earth's Creation

    how mts form soil - vegetation
    excellent - videos - photos - articles about mountain removal mining coal.


    America's Most Endangered Mountains video seriesAmerica’s Most Endangered Mountains
    Video Series

    Our new video series and interactive map showcases the vibrant and indelible culture, stunning biodiversity and enormous economic potential of Appalachia. Watch the stories of individuals and communities facing a future where their natural heritage is at risk of being blown up by mountaintop removal coal mining, then take action to help save them!

    Google earth Google Earth Files

    The latest version of the Appalachian Mountaintop Removal layer in Google Earth includings the following features, and more! included inside of the Google Earth menu

    America's Most Endangered Mountain Videos

    America’s Most Endangered Mountains
    A video series showcasing stories of individuals and communities facing a future where their natural heritage is at risk of being blown up by mountaintop removal coal mining.

    My Connection

    My Connection Coal Tracking Tools
    Enter your zip code in our special My Connection tracking tool to see your connection in Google Maps and Google Earth.

    Mine Site

    High Resolution Mine Site Tour
    Take a high resolution tour of the 6 stages of a mountaintop removal mine site in southern West Virginia.

    National Memorial for the Mountains

    National Memorial for the Mountains
    Experience first-hand stories about 22 destroyed mountains and the communities who live on them, or download markers to more than 470 mountains destroyed by mountaintop removal


    High-Resolution “Before and After” Overlays
    Download this file to your Temporary Places folder for a complete set of “before and after” overlays for 22 mountains destroyed by mountaintop removal.

    Hobet Overlays

    Mine Site Overlayed on 36 U.S. Cities
    The Hobet mining complex near Mud, West Virginia is one of the largest contiguous mountaintop removal mines. At more than 7 miles long, it covers more than 10,000 acres (15 square miles). Download this file to your Temporary Places folder to view the Hobet mine site overlayed on 36 U.S. cities.

    3D Dragline Model

    3-D Model of a Dragline
    Download a life-sized 3-D model of a dragline to your Temporary Places folder. A dragline is a massive mining machine used to scoop up demolished bedrock and mining waste and dump it into valleys below.


    Coal Sludge Dams in Appalachia
    Download this file to your Temporary Places folder to see all 330 coal sludge dams in Appalachia. You’ll find links to more information about each sludge dam including volume, height, owner, and safety rating.

    Mountaintop Removal Video Resources

    There are a A LOT of videos on the web about mountaintop removal coal mining. The 4 listed below give good overviews of the problem. Try this search on YouTube for more.

    To download the following videos:

    • PC users - Right click on link below video to open an option menu, then click on "save link as"
    • MAC users - Hold down the Option button, then click on "save link as"

    This saves the file to your default download location (usually the desktop). Introductory Video

    More than 470 mountains have been destroyed by mountaintop removal coal mining. Watch this video about mountaintop removal, including excerpts from the documentary Kilowatt Ours, featuring Woody Harrelson and a soundtrack featuring an original recording of “Blowin’ in the Wind,” sung by Willie Nelson. (08:23)

    Special thanks to the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition. Featured in this video are both their community organizer, Maria Gunnoe, and the Funeral for the Mountains, which they organized with the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy. Additional thanks to Jeff Barrie for donating footage from his documentary Kilowatt Ours.

    National Memorial for the Mountains Video

    An introductory video explaining the National Memorial for the Mountains and the
    process of mountaintop removal mining (02:51)

    Clean Water Protection Act Video

    This is a shorter version of the " Introductory Video" created to spread the word about the Clean Water Protection Act. (02:20)

    Click here to download the podcast

    Appalachian Treasures Video

    Podcast of Appalachian Treasures, a multimedia presentation that features photos that capture the beauty of Appalachia as well as the modern legacy of industrial strip mining: flattened mountains and flooded communities. The video features voice recordings of local people recounting the daily struggles of life in the coalfields as well as traditional music of Appalachia.

    Photo Gallery

    Browse photos from the National Memorial for the Mountains.

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