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    Saturday, September 23, 2006


    There are limestone caves dotted all over Majorca, although the best known ones are the "Cuevas del Drach" which are situated just outside the pleasant little marina town of Porto Cristo. The caves appear to be on every bus trip tour of the Island , so if you visit in the afternoon then be prepared to part of a milling throb of people.

    The caves themselves are spectacular with thousands of stagaltites and stalagmites to see in the various caves. Towards the end of the walk you enter a much larger cavern with a large lake in front of it. Maybe a thousand people are seated ready for the performance to begin. We were expecting a sound and light show to really 'show-off' the main cave perhaps the Ride of the Valkyries or the 1812 overture played at full pelt. Instead three little gondolas with lights around their plimsol lines eeriely came out of the shadows with their oarsman dressed in black hooded capes. The middle boat also contained a cloaked man playing haunting tunes on his Yamaha electric organ and a violinist. It put me very much in mind of the Greek legand of the underworld where Charon rows you across the river Styx on your journey from this world to the next. The crowd seems quite ecsatic, although I`m not sure if they were just easily pleased or taking the mick out of it all ! After the performance you can continue the walk through the last cave or take a very short boat trip. If the place is full you will be waiting a long time for your personal ride across the river Styx.


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