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    Saturday, May 20, 2006


    BADLANDS, NEW MEXICO; "For want of a better name, they called you Badlands." John J. Wagoner/ Carlsbad Caverns

    See also Petrified Forest/Arizona post

    THE PAINTED DESERT. "Red sandy desert filled to the brim with silence; miles and miles of it." John J. Wagoner
    BADLANDS; stone and rock, the ancient bones of an ancient land lie exposed under sun and blue sky

    Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

    chaco1.jpg (95053 bytes)

    Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon

    chaco5.jpg (69776 bytes)

    we walked the cliffs

    chaco6.jpg (84253 bytes)

    explored the ruins

    chaco4.jpg (75387 bytes)

    viewed the Kivas

    Carlsbad Caverns

    entrance to the caverns

    Carlsbad Caverns National Park, national park in the semiarid foothills of the Guadalupe Mountains in southeastern New Mexico. The park is the site of one of the largest subterranean labyrinths in the world. Established as a national monument in 1923, it became a national park in 1930. The caverns are believed to have been hollowed out, beginning about 12 million years ago, by the dissolving action of water on limestone. The first scientific exploration of the caverns was made in 1924 by a National Geographic Society Party, but the full extent of the caverns is still not known.

    totem pole in the Big Room

    About 45 km (28 mi) of connecting corridors and chambers in the caverns have been explored, and the deepest known level is 487 m (1,597 ft) below the earth’s surface. The principal chamber, the Big Room, is the largest subterranean chamber in North America; it is 610 m (2,010 ft) long and 335 m (1,105 ft) wide and reaches a height of 77 m (254 ft). Stalactites and stalagmites of various colors and sizes, ranging from massive to delicate, are found in the caverns’ chambers, which include King’s Palace, Green Lake Room, Papoose Room, and Queen’s Chamber. Nearly 1 million bats inhabit the caverns, emerging nightly from May through October in search of insects. Area, 18,926 hectares (46,766 acres).

    Text from Microsoft Encarta


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